About BA Mag

Brilliant Awakening Magazine began as an anthology of stories told by everyday people like you and me. Upon publication of the book "The Brilliant Awakening", I decided to launch Brilliant Awakening Magazine to further explore the stories which make up the fabric of our world. On the surface, these stories may seem tragic, unglamorous, and full of content that the world doesn't want to read about. At BA Magazine, we have come to realize that these are the very stories that need to be told.  In a world often filled with tragedy and despair, a great story of triumph is always welcomed. 


We want to be a roadmap and a light in the darkness for those who may need an uplift. Instead of writing articles about "7 Ways to Snag a Dream Date" or "5 Beauty Tips to Take Off Ten Years", we are sharing practical stories of how each individual has come through a particular challenge and been able to win. If you see yourself in these pages through the stories we share, then our job has been done. If someone is inspired, moved, motivated or encouraged by our content, we celebrate those as wins. 


If you or someone you know has a compelling story of overcoming adversity, challenges or tragedy, please contact us. We would love to feature you in our next issue. By offering this platform to the world, we understand that our mission will never be complete. There is always another amazing story out there to be told.


Contact us at: contact@stellarcreates.com

Editor-In-Chief / Creative Director, Paula McDade


Paula McDade