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more than a magazine...its a movement

Brilliant Awakening Magazine began as an anthology of stories told by everyday people like you and me. Upon publication of the book "The Brilliant Awakening", I decided to launch Brilliant Awakening Magazine to further explore the stories which make up the fabric of our world. On the surface, these stories seemed tragic, un-glamorous, and full of content that the world didn't want to read about. In a world often filled with tragedy and despair, a great story of triumph is always welcomed. 


I want BAM to be a brilliant beacon of inspiration, hope and wisdom for people looking for practical, faith-filled solutions. As this new era dawns, it is time to raise our voices higher and reach for new horizons. We will continue to share the stories of those who have experienced life's challenges, but we also want to provide solution based content. You will hear from some of the emerging new voices on the scene, as well as seasoned individuals who have built and established platforms.

If you have a story idea, reach out to BAM and let us know! We are always up for a good story to share with our readers.


Contact us at: contact@stellarcreates.com

Editor-In-Chief / Creative Director, Paula McDade


Paula McDade

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